Sodium Free MySALT Spaghetti Sauce

The Most Important Thing I Can Tell You About MySALT Spaghetti Sauce Mix?
You might think I will say that it’s sodium free (which it is).

Sodium Free Spaghetti Sauce

But, no. Even more important than that… when you blend it with any tomato paste, it actually tastes like spaghetti sauce!

I drove myself halfway to crazy developing this seasoning mix. Opinions varied widely, from too sweet to it needs to be sweeter – too much oregano to it needs more garlic.

So I went to the pasta aisle, stood in front of the sauces and took note of all the varieties. So many flavor choices which gives us all preferences (and flavor opinions).

The common denominators though? At its base, they all taste like pasta sauce and they all contain way too much sodium. I had the salt replacement figured out. Now all I needed to do was make it taste like spaghetti sauce. Would people be able to identify it as such in a blindfolded taste test?

The answer is yes, they could.
The result?
#1 It tastes good and
#2 It’s sodium free

You’ll like it!
If you want more flavor variety, sprinkle on MySALT Herb Garden
or MySALT Garlic. Both are delicious!
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