Salt Substitute

MySALT™ is not salt, it just tastes like it. Completely sodium free. Sprinkle on food, use in cooking and baking as you would salt. Add to low sodium foods to improve the flavor.

Food scientists have searched for decades to find a substitute for salt. In the early 1970's Morton Salt knew they had to address the need for an alternative to salt and introduced Morton Salt Substitute. This product and many that followed in the salt substitute category are predominantly potassium chloride. While it does have a salty flavor, it leaves a bitter, metallic aftertaste that is best described as awful. 

Other salt substitutes are essentially the same with different brand names and price points. In an effort to lessen the unpleasant taste, some combine it with salt to form a lite salt of sorts and claim a percentage less sodium than salt. Some concoct various blends of herbs and spices and nutritional yeast to offer up what they hope will satisfy your taste buds and desire for a salty taste. These are hardly a substitute for the taste of salt nor do they have the ability to replace salt in your recipes.

Our MySALT™ has a protected method of processing that masks the metallic aftertaste of the potassium chloride while highlighting its salty flavor. 

Salt Substitutes: Other salt substitutes contain 600-650mg of potassium per serving. If you need to watch your potassium intake as well as sodium, MySALT™ contains approximately half as much potassium as the others. One serving is similar to a small banana.

Lite Salts: MySALT™ contains approximately the same amount of potassium chloride as Lite Salt yet it still contains a lot of sodium and the bitter aftertaste remains. 

Herb & Spice Blends: There are many salt free herb and spice blends, Mrs. Dash being the most prominent. These do add flavor to your food, but not a salty flavor. They cannot be substituted for salt in most recipes.