How to Quit Salt! (Without Being Miserable)

Are you trying to
kick the salt habit?

It is not easy to quit using the salt shaker. Plus the amount of sodium in practically everything you eat makes a low sodium diet even more difficult. 

There are two main issues with your low sodium diet:

1. Taste: Foods may taste bland. Salt is one of, if not the least expensive and most impactful ingredient in the food scientist's R&D lab. Salt adds plus enhances flavor. It aids in preservation. And it is really really cheap.  

2. Convenience: You will probably return to a life of cooking meals from scratch.  

MySALT salt substitutes and seasoning mixes simply make a low sodium life a bit easier and definitely more tasty! Using 100% Sodium Free MySALT, Low Sodium Foods Now Taste Like They Should. 

MySALT Salt Substitute Set – My Salt Substitute

Sodium Free Seasoning Mixes – My Salt Substitute

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