Selecting Watermelon Tip

Watermelon Sodium Content: Negligible 
MySALT Salt Substitute Sodium Content: 0mg

SELECTING WATERMELON TIP: When ripe, it should have a relatively smooth surface, filled out ends, and a creamy underside where the melon was in contact with the soil.

FLAVORINGS: MySALT, (If you’re thinking ewww to putting MySALT on watermelon -- you need to try it! It brings out the sweetness, and just makes watermelon taste better!) Nutmeg, Ginger, Lemon, Lime, Orange or Cranberry Juice, Honey or Lemon Peel. Sodium Content: Negligible

HINT: Make into balls or serve with ice cream, sherbet, cottage cheese, yogurt or berries. 

MySALT original Salt Substitute – My Salt Substitute

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