MySALT® Testimonials

"It is the BEST salt substitute I've ever tasted. It will be the only salt substitute I use from now on. THANK YOU!" -- Ann R, Lutherville, MD

"The only salt substitute I've found that really tastes like salt!  Believe me, if you're a salt lover who must avoid sodium for medical reasons, it's a boon to find it." -- Garry V, NH

"We love the taste. I might finally be able to kick my sodium habit." -- Mary Jo S.

"I am sure that you will improve the quality of life for many." -- Crystal D, Dubuque, IA

"I am a serious salt freak. But advancing age and health concerns have made me have to find an alternative. I've tried 'em all, they're horrid!  I have now tossed all my regular salt!  Your product is AMAZING!  thank you thank you!  You have no idea how wonderful this is...  -- Deb, NC

"I use this in the bread machine with almost any recipe, 1/2 tsp MySalt and just 1 tsp. instant yeast will give you a perfect 1.5 pound loaf. Because this doesn't quite have the same effect on yeast that salt does, you need less yeast. Any bread, roll, pizza crust, English muffin recipe has always worked for me this way, no more collapsed or coarse grained loaves." -- Judith B, NY

"I have dysphasia and must puree 90% of my food. I call it 'swill.' Without YOUR/my salt, I would be... bereft." -- L. Bangs, WA

"I tried a gazillion salt substitutes. HOORAY I finally hit upon the most authentic substitute. It's just the very best. You won't find another as good as this. It's truly my salt from now on. It is so much like the real thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you." -- Roslyn P

"No better salt substitute. I've been using MySalt for a couple of years now. I don't have health issues with sodium, but I like the idea that I can cut my sodium use in half by splitting my salt intake with MySalt, and still obtain the savory flavor I'm looking for. Great stuff!" -- Laurence P

Good substitute. Has an awful taste when just tasting it on your finger. But in food it actually taste like salt." -- C Moore

"I've just got to tell you about the daughter of a friend of mine, who has 'Cogan's Disease', which is very rare. Only a few hundred cases are known of in the world. Because of its rarity no research is being carried out, so the sufferers will struggle on until a comparatively early death. One of the many effects of the disease is the reaction to sodium chloride. Even a whisper of it can create mega problems and probably kill, as you can imagine, this makes life even more difficult for them. Anyway, I gave them my order, which she showed to the specialist in charge of her case. After discussion with his colleagues, MySalt was given the all clear, which needless to say was wonderful news. But there again, this didn't surprise you did it!" -- Nan Price, London, UK

"I love this salt substitute." -- Debbie G, Elkmont, AL

"Sodium-Slashin'-Superhero! A versatile salt swap." -- Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien

"Counting each grain of salt in your diet? Sodium-free MySALT tastes surprisingly like salt and has no bitter aftertaste. Our favorite was the butter flavor, but we also enjoyed the original and garlic versions. Use as you would regular salt on food or in cooking." -- The Oregonian

"I am on a low sodium diet due to Meniere's Disease. It is very hard to satisfy my taste buds without sodium. Thanks for a stupendous product!" -- Colette O, Alpine, CA

"Your product has been a godsend.  I was going crazy without the taste of salt and now I can satisfy that craving without the harmful effects of salt." -- Ron T, Lawton, OK 

"Potassium sapper: table salt. Being too liberal with the salt shaker can hinder your body's ability to get the full benefits of the potassium in food. 'High salt intake initially causes fluid retention, but soon the kidneys begin flushing out the excess, excreting potassium along with it,' says Elizabeth Lipski, PhD. 'This also helps explain why too much salt triggers hypertension since potassium is so important in regulating blood pressure.' To get more potassium from your diet without sacrificing taste, try a salt alternative like MySALT." -- First for women magazine

"I am a huge fan of your product.... You have brought salt, or at least the taste and love of it, back into my life again!" -- Tim W, Burbank, CA

"I just want everyone to know this is the best around. No nasty aftertaste. I have Meniere’s Disease (an inner ear disease) and I must watch my salt intake everyday. This is the easiest way to do it. Great Taste." -- Martin G, Ridgeville, SC

"It is a way to get more potassium, the one mineral I need more of to help with leg cramping.  I'm pleased that you offer a way to get more potassium that fits in with normal living." -- Susan S, El Paso, TX

"This is the only salt substitute that tastes good.  I use it because I have Meniere's and even got my ENT to switch to it." -- Kathy K, Albuquerque, NM

"I have diabetes had a heart attack and a stroke and congestive heart failure. In other words, I have to avoid salt as if it were the plague! Then I discovered your product and it changed my life!" -- Robert M, Auburn, MA

"Thank you for making such a wonderful product." -- Gale K, Plantation, FL

"These products are amazing." -- Virginia K

"So happy to have found this product, give it 2 thumbs up." -- Colleen K. O. 

"LOVE It !! Love having "salt" again." -- T. McFarlane, ID 

"My Salt is awesome... I don't go without it." -- Pam W, TX

"Mom has a heart condition, and being a salt addict, your products are most likely SAVING HER LIFE! -- Candy E, CA

"Truly like no other salt substitute around - it tastes right." -- Michael K, Peabody, MA

"We tried this for the first time last night. I have never been so excited about anything in my life! It tastes wonderful. I never thought I'd get to taste salt again. Thank you, thank you!!! I've struggled with my weight for twenty years, trying every diet on the face of the earth. With high blood pressure and diabetes, I know I have to do something, but I have never been successful at any diet. Three weeks ago I decided to cut sugar and as much sodium as possible out of my diet. After looking at canned and packaged foods, I realized just how much sodium is in everything, so I've been eating fresh, dried, and frozen foods. However, I miss the taste of salt on food. In the past, I've salted practically everything, and not just a little bit! I've been told that I'll eventually get used to not having salt on food, but I'm not convinced that will ever happen. On my new eating plan, I've dropped almost 20 pounds in three weeks. I feel much better physically, and I'm not having cravings or hunger pains. However, I still felt like I'd lost my best friend. I was looking at spices trying to find something that would substitute for the missing salt taste when I found My Salt. I was pretty skeptical when it said "tastes like salt" because I've had salt substitutes, and they are absolutely terrible. For some reason, I ordered it anyway. I guess I was just desperate. I am too excited for words. I am absolutely certain that this wonderful product of yours will help me stay the course for my new healthier lifestyle. For the first time in years, I feel in control, and My Salt definitely plays a part in this. Thank you for making healthy eating taste great.” -- B Watson, Owensboro, KY

"I have always loved salt on everything but now my doctor says no more.  I am now using it on my Granny Smith apples, grapefruit and dozens of other foods I used to love salt on. It’s great to find a product that is even 'better than advertised'." -- Jim C, Lynn Haven, FL

"Fantastic product." -- Ed L, Toms River, NJ

"My mother loved this. She is on a salt free diet and said this is the best salt substitute she has ever tried. Thanks so much." -- M. Spires, Hallsville, MO

"I rarely write in about a particular product, being content to substitute whatever is on the market, but your product is unique. I discovered it when my daughter was diagnosed with a disorder, and it was a game changer. She could once again have 'teen' food that tasted like the high sodium originals her friends were eating! Nothing on the market comes close to it. It stands head and shoulders above other salt substitutes, and with so many different demographic groups avoiding or reducing sodium,  your product can be a literal lifesaver." -- Della R, Fontana, CA

"I have high blood pressure and needed to find a viable substitute for salt. I found your product after trying several others and have been a fan ever since. I have bottles at work, in my car, in my purse, and of course at home. I use all three flavors. Please don't ever stop making your product." -- Cathie G, San Diego, CA

"Finally food that tastes like it should." -- Hank E, PA

"I am so excited and thankful for your product, which has truly changed my life. I am on a very low sodium diet so, everything has NO flavor.  With your garlic, butter and regular, food now tastes yummy again...." -- Alyssa Z, Redmond, WA  

"I said for years, we have great subs for sugar, why can't someone do the same for bad sodium chloride? You did it! I urge you to make it known to thousands like me who need sodium-free food." -- Ervin C, Milwaukee, WI

"I am on a sodium free diet for a couple of medical conditions and had previously tried using the common potassium chloride crystals with the obvious horrible taste. After trying your product, I was amazed at the realistic taste it has. I have found that I can literally use it as a complete substitute for table salt in everything from ordinary cooking to making sausage." -- Matt R, Tucson, AZ

"I found THE PERFECT salt substitute and it's great because it's got potassium - something I need a bit extra of. I've tried everything. This is the best by far." -- Tracey B on Twitter

"This product is wonderful!!!! And helping my wife with her no sodium diet. (as well as me) Cheers" -- Eric W, Milton, Ontario Canada

"Your product is phenomenal! Thank you!!! -- M Wieser, Davidson NC

"Excellent Product. Tastes just like the real thing. I will never go back to "salt" again." -- Lynn Tindall , El Paso, TX

"I am very impressed with MySalt. I have tried a number of potassium-based salt alternatives, and MySalt tastes as good as regular sodium-based salt. So much so, that I can use it with the rest of my family who used to complain about the other salt alternatives. I have no complaints whatsoever. My only hope is that one day restaurants and food manufacturers will start using MySalt as well..." -- C Harlow, South Riding, VA

"I cannot believe that it does not have a metallic taste and I will not have to miss salt again. Thank you." -- D Myers, New Holland, PA

"I cannot tell the difference between MySalt and the real thing. It's great. Thanks." -- B Carignan, Golden, CO

"I love your products. This is truly the best salt substitute out there!" -- M Jarus, Lexington, KY

"Have tried every salt substitute under the sun. Glad to finally find one that really does taste like salt!!!" -- Debra H, Quincy, IL

"This product is exceptional. My family has tried every salt substitute available and this product is by far the best. Thank you!" - JE. Rowland, Wynne, AR

"This stuff rocks!! I love it! Don't want to ever run out." -- Marie Dobbs, Birmingham, AL

"I have suffered for many years with edema. I recently did a detox and cut out all canned foods LOADED with salt and eliminated any type of table salt including sea salts and gourmet salts. I was miserable. Food tastes so bland. I tried so many substitutes and what a waste of money. Then I tried MySalt and I am hooked!! I use it in all recipes and a favorite is scrambled eggs and salsa. YUMMY! The bottom line is MySalt is FANTASTIC! I am hooked!" -- Desira Rodriguez

"Yum! I wasted too much money on other awful tasting substitutes. I tell everyone about My Salt." -- Donna Martin

"I'd tried various 'salt substitutes' over the years... and they always were awful, leaving a bad aftertaste. A few months ago I heard about 'MySalt' and gave it a try ... what a surprise! The taste on food is so close to real, it's startling. Now ... I use it on everything: popcorn (butter flavored MySalt), home made Chinese noodle soups, baked potatoes, you name it! Food seasoned with MySalt tastes great. In fact, it's so close to salt I actually caught myself rechecking the label just to make sure it's really sodium free! I've successfully cut my salt intake by over 90%... it's been easy to do and I feel great about what I'm doing for my health. Thanks guys for making such an outstanding product!! 5 stars all the way." -- M Wieser

"I just became a fan. I love My Salt on everything. It helps make me salt free diet more tolerable. Next I want to try the butter flavor!" -- T Benton

"I originally tried MySalt by happenstance, my wife bought a bottle for me to try. I am on a sodium free diet for a couple of medical conditions and had previously tried using the common Potassium Chloride crystals with the obvious horrible taste. After trying your product, I was amazed at the realistic taste it has. I have found that I can literally use MySalt as a complete substitute for table salt in everything from ordinary cooking to making sausage. I mentioned your product to my GP. He said that he was very interested in finding a good salt substitute since he has difficulty keeping patients on a salt free diet. I intend to recommend MySalt to my specialist." -- M Rodman

"Thank you for such a wonderful product. My husband suffers from CHF and was missing his salt so much. Now we can enjoy the flavor of salt without the danger of irritating his condition. Plus I love it too! Keep up the good work.. we have been spreading the word here in Northen Maine... Thanks again." -- N Spearrin, Maine

"We are using this product all the time and now have several friends trying it also. We hand some out quite often." -- D Cook, Acampo, CA

"I've been avoiding sodium for a couple of years & your product is the absolute best. Thanks!" -- P Kussmann Nashville, TN

"Perfect for making bread and rolls. Keeps them low sodium without sacrificing taste." -- Natalie L, Covington, LA

"I tried your butter salt first. If you need another testimonial as to its being an excellent product, I am your man. I use no other salt now and my health is already improving. Thanks a lot." -- D Bean, Mount Olive IL

"Truly like no other salt substitute around - it tastes right." -- Michael K, Peabody, MA

"Excellent product; recommend it often." -- Dr. BD Ames, New Orleans, LA

"This is the only salt my husband likes. It is the one that is like real salt." -- J Lix, Farmington, MO

"My teen daughter who must follow a very low-sodium diet, loves your product! NO other salt substitute tastes anything like salt at all, and most are what I (a dedicated cook) consider inedible. We threw them all away after we found MySalt. I cook with it, I bake with it, I make all sorts of healthy, delicious meals and even my other children can't taste the difference! My youngest child prefers MySalt to real salt on her fries! My parents use it as well now, thanks to our example. Thanks for returning my daughter to a 'normal' diet for a teen, where she can enjoy pizza and french fries and pasta like her friends do. We are very grateful for your product." -- D Rose, CA

"Can't live without it!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- D Dunlap, Fillmore, CA

"We have really enjoyed your product, and are now giving it as gifts to relatives and friends who must reduce salt intake. It's great to be able to recommend something that works so well and tastes so good." -- JK Gulledge, Albuquerque, NM

"Your product is truly a life saver. GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you so much!" -- P Edwards, Brooklyn, NY

"We're using up our first order (1 bottle) quicker than expected. We're very satisfied with My Salt, and now want to have the other products to give us a good varied supply. Thanks for manufacturing these products. They're BETTER than salt." -- RE Miller, Yonkers, NY

"My husband is on a sodium restricted diet I have tried many other brands of salt substitute but your brand blows all the others away. Thank you." -- P Colson, Byron, GA

"We had tried everything. We searched and we searched. I must have 5 bottles of other salt substitutes in my cabinet. They're a joke. We couldn't eat the food we used them on. My daughter found MySalt. It works beautifully. We feel like we hit pay dirt." -- C Crochet, St. Amant, LA

"My Salt is a godsend. I tried it on an egg and thought I was doing something I shouldn't be doing! It tasted like the real thing!" -- Kathy Wilson, Indialantic, FL

"I am very pleased with the MySalt I had ordered from you. So much so that I gave the ordering information to my internal medicine physician so that he might recommend to his other patients who are on a sodium restricted diet. Thank you." -- Jim Kolner, Tallahassee, FL

"We are thrilled with our order of MySalt and are recommending it to family, friends and physician." -- Robert Heron Jr., Charleston, SC

"You may be getting more orders from the UK. A lot of my cardiac friends are interested, especially after I was able to reduce my diuretics by dropping salt but still enjoying food thanks to the addition of MySalt. It really made a difference. Like salt, food would taste much blander without a little MySalt to spice it up. I wouldn't have credited such a simple additive with such massive improvements in my life style and overall health. Nearly all my cooking is now homemade, but the MySalt means I can share it with others without them knowing I have left the salt out. MySalt #1 Fan...And UK Ambassador...!!!" -- David Northeast, Kent, UK

"Your product is the only one I have used that did not leave a metallic taste in my mouth. Very good, especially on apples. I have not used salt for 24 years." -- Larry Renn

"Thank goodness for My Salt...I struggle with Meniere's." -- Gerri A, Lamar, CO

"I love your product and tell all of my friends about it. Thank you for coming up with this wonderful product and helping me with my specific dietary needs. I have also informed my doctor of your product and he wants to try it and if he likes it and wants to start suggesting same to his patients. Thank you so much." -- Sherry Arviso, Wildwood, MO

"I am grateful there is a good tasting salt substitute as I intend to stick to my very low salt diet as a lifestyle. I tried all the salt substitutes available in the supermarket and they were all awful....metallic tasting and leaving an aftertaste....threw them all away." -- Phyllis Rind, East Meadow, NY

"LOVE your product!!!" -- Nancy Russell, Prescott, WI

"Love it... can't live without it." -- PK Daniel, Salado, TX

"Helped get my mom to eat better cause she missed the salt. Others were so bitter and left an after taste." -- Janet Balcom, Vacaville, CA

"Love your product. I can't tell the difference. It has greatly helped control body fluid. That you." -- Marvin Althouse, Hartford City, IN

"Hallelujah!! It's wonderful to find a salt substitute that tastes like salt!! It is absolutely delicious, an answer to my prayers. Thank you, Thank you!!!" -- Linda Rahaim, Templeton, MA

"My husband is on a salt restricted diet. His doctor approved My Salt over several others." -- Dorothy Pope, Rock Island, IL

"My 84 yr old mother loved MySalt. She now wants the other salts! So glad we found something for her!" -- Veda Heintzelman, Mt Pleasant Mills, PA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you product. I have high blood pressure and need to lower my salt intake. However food is really bland without salt. I have tried many products but found them all distasteful. I'm telling everyone I know. Thank you!!" -- Sherri Moore, Columbia, SC

"This My Salt stuff is great! It got rid of a pain in my leg and even though I knew it was caused by the salt in processed foods I had to keep from adding regular salt to meals until now. If people only knew. Now I can enjoy a really salty taste when ever I want. love it." -- Steve Sutton, Kekaha, HI

"This is the best salt substitute that I have ever used. I have been telling people about it." -- J Zachary, Crawfordsville, IN

"Very tasty." -- Rona S, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for making such a wonderful product." -- Gale K., Plantation, FL

"This has not been easy for me. I was raised in the Southwest and used to highly spiced and salted foods. My SALT has been very helpful." -- Rose Ann Smith, Amarillo, TX

"As a professional fitness trainer, I recommend mySalt to all that show even the slightest interest in the needed reduction of sodium input. {I may even be a bit obsessive about it.} Even in my other roles, I suggest it." -- John D, Culleoka, TN

"Love this product. Best I have ever tried." -- Linda Brookes, Saint Ann, MO

"I am grateful this product is out there because I tried others and they just don't taste good on foods like MySalt does. And they also leave a funny lingering taste. My mom who has used another brand for many many years and would never try anything else also loves MySalt." -- Barbara Croce, Bellport, NY

"I use your product on everything as I am supposed to be on a salt FREE diet. I make most things fresh from scratch. I can't understand why they have to use any sodium compounds in frozen products. They don't need a preservative. It's frozen!!" -- Barb Mansfield, Campbell, CA

"We use MySalt in place of table salt. We use it on any food that we would usually add salt to, veggies, corn, etc. It is easy to replace high salt items with low salt and then add MySalt. Example: regular cottage cheese has 400+ mg of Na. We purchase low salt cottage cheese which has only 50 mg Na. However, it is inedible. So we add MySalt to the cottage cheese and a pinch of ground pepper (my added option) plus fresh fruit and the cottage cheese is as tasty as the high salt variety. For baking I add it to my bread machine recipes and have no problems. Once you realize that lowering your salt intake is a disease risk factor that you can control and improve your health now and for the future it is easy to check each item you purchase for sodium content. We are grateful for MySalt." -- Shaie Jones, Weston, FL         

"It is the best of the salt substitute products that I have seen or used so far." -- Eldo Corgnati, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"I tried your product, and it worked just fine. Anything thats healthy and tastes good, is great for me." -- Nan Owens, Hydro, OK

"I love your product!" -- Kathleen Ganz, Lockport, NY

"I use your product when I'm cooking. It helps me cut down on my sodium which helps me with water retention." -- N Samoilovich, Atlanta, GA

"A 2,000 mg per day sodium diet is difficult to adhere to. My Salt certainly makes life a lot more enjoyable. The quality of my food and life have certainly improved." -- Burlen W. Gwinn, Master Sergeant, USMC, Retired, Benton, AR

"I really do like My Salt. I use it whenever I use salt of any kind on food." -- Eddy Smith, Plano, TX

"MySalt is the best 'substitute' I've tried." -- Helene Bailey, Montgomery, AL

"We love it! The only salt substitute that tastes like salt." -- Tammy Hartman, Whittier, CA 

"I think it's wonderful. I have never tasted anything closer to salt than this." Richard Ennis, Quantico, MD

"It tastes so much better than the others. I don't care about the cost, my health is worth it." -- Helen Black, Hurlock, MD

"Great stuff, thanks!" -- Barbara Phelps, Bowling Green, KY

"My husband had a heart attack. The Doctor took him off all regular salt. A friend of ours was on the web and found this salt. My husband is very happy with the taste of this product. It has no after taste. Thanks for offering this to people with medical problems." -- Ann Wyatt, Inman, SC

"I was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted SO GREAT. I am on a reduced sodium/increased potassium diet and my blood pressure is dropping and I have been able to cut my medication in l/2 - I expect to continue this drop so that I will be free of drugs. Your product is vital to my diet and plan to stay on it." Many thanks - Dorothea Vickery, Victoria, BC, Canada

"You have a really great product. So glad I found it." -- Sherry Weyl, Evansville, IN

"I love your products. Keep me informed if you introduce any more salt free products." -- Gwen Petrashek, Two Rivers, WI

"This product is better than anything on the market today." -- Tommy Laroze, Lutcher, LA

"I love your salt." -- Rose Duett, New Orleans, LA

"This is my second order, I don't want to run out. This is a wonderful product. The taste is so real. Thank you!" -- Maria Crist, Moorhead, MN

"It is the BEST!" -- Manfred Horning, North Hills, CA

"My mother is 86 years old and has been a salt-a-holic all her life. The last few years she has been in kidney failure and has high blood pressure. She has been on a low salt diet for several years. We have tried many, many salt substitutes, but none has made her food taste good. She almost hates to eat because she doesn't like the taste of her food. Since I found MySalt on the computer and ordered her a bottle, she has been putting it on everything and loves it. I just ordered more bottles (one of each flavor). Thank you." -- Florence Carpenter, Willoughby, OH

"I think it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't enjoy food without it. Keep up the good work." -- Ed Heaphy, Novi, MI

"This is awesome, I just can't believe it isn't salt. It tastes like the real thing, my last order I shared with some friends." -- Judith Schultz, Ravenna, OH

"We haven't missed the "real" salt for a minute. You have made my meal planning a lot easier." -- Ruth and Dave K, Carnegie, PA

"It's one hundred times better, at least, than any of the others." -- Jim Sebell, San Diego, CA

"Being on a low/no-salt diet, due to medical problems, I have been using various brands of salt substitutes for at least 30 years. Being a 'salt-alcoholic' all my life, I find that food just doesn't taste good without some salt. But, being extremely sensitive and allergic to salt, my body and mind cannot tolerate salt. It not only affects me medically, it also affects me psychologically (Salt makes me feel very angry and nervous!). Anyway, most salt substitutes I've used have been useful up until the past 2 to 3 years. My throat cannot tolerate their extremely harsh, and caustic after-effects. I sometimes feel as if I've swallowed a bottle of acid. However, your product is the first salt substitute that I've been able to tolerate. It's simply delicious and, after using it, I don't feel as if my throat is on fire. This product has various choices of tastes, i.e.: garlic salt, butter salt - which is another plus. It is really the best salt substitute I've ever used. Thanks for making life easier for salt-sensitive individuals. You have a superior product!" -- Judith C. Grieco, Eastchester, NY

"I've found your products very tasty and have switched to it. We use the seasoned salts in cooking and find it improves the flavor. I will continue using it instead of the salt substitute I had been using. Thank you for some great products and good eating." -- Charles F. McMichael, Ellenton, FL

"I love the taste of it though it is much lighter than NoSalt and sometimes I think I have to use more...but it is a gift from Heaven to have it... Thank you very much." -- Darlena King, Newark, CA

"We are very pleased with My Salt. Since my husbands heart attack, he is not allowed salt, and believe me he was a salter!!! Thank you for your product." -- J Cornelison, Ocala, FL

"This is the first salt substitute my husband has accepted." -- Kathryn Campbell, Moriches, NY

"I purchased your product to send to my father (who has been instructed by his doctor to lower his salt intake). Until your product, he had not been able to stop using salt. The other substitutes he tried never won him over! However, he likes your products and is using them daily. I'm so pleased. Thank you very much." -- Cheryl Spooner, Lima, NY

"Excellent." -- Dan Waterstraat, Honeoye Falls, NY

"I am a nutritionist and I am just so happy that you make this product and add lysine to it, which is a hard to get amino. I have never tasted potassium chloride before, but know that it is a valuable form of potassium which is highly regulated, and also severely deficient in the diets of most people. You might consider advertising the unique benefits of potassium, and how deficient the American diet really is. Anyway, thanks for a great product." -- M McLaughlin, Haledon, NJ

"My fiance needed to go on a low salt diet. I tried your brand and he loved it. It took me a week to convince him that this product had no salt in it. To this day he always asks 'are you sure this has no salt in it.' It tastes like the real thing to him so I am very happy because it made my life easier. I can continue cooking without having him complain of the taste!! My cooking tastes like it did before when I used salt. Thank you!!" -- P Knapp, Corona, CA

"It's fabulous!" -- Lyndi Moroz, Palmdale, CA

"It's so nice to have something like this." -- Jimmy H, Greenville, SC

"I do think it's very good! It has been kind of a shock to my system to taste salt again after eight years. It's so nice to have something I can actually use." -- Kathy K, Atlanta, GA

"Excellent. Love the salt substitute. I am an RN, BSN." -- Luella Kawa, Elgin, IL

"We are so happy with this product. It helps to have the flavor without the salt. Thank you." -- James Cornelison, Ocala, FL

"My Salt is a winner! In those instances when we cook and the recipe just doesn't taste right without the salt, My Salt, has come to the rescue. Thanks for the great product." -- Susan L and Dan V, Vancouver, WA

"Very nice product. Fits salt free diet mandated by health." -- Gary Fehlman, Crestview, FL

"I am a 75 yr old heart patient. I have CHF and must live on a salt restricted diet. I have tried all the substitutes around and they were very disappointing. A peculiar metallic taste and not much salty pleasure. I was told about My Salt by the nurses at the Mt. Sinai Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in New York City at Mt. Sinai hospital. So recently I ordered three products. VERY GOOD!!!!!! So I am encouraged!!!" -- Marcia Bromberg, New York, NY

"My husband loves it. I'm tickled to death." -- CJ Cook, Cibola, AZ

"Thank you for your help in introducing your product to my dad who has CHF. A man with too many years of loyalty to salt has tried your product and is using it. My family is in shock but with great delight. I even tempted him to test him yesterday and he opted for your product so we are making some important changes in his health. I like your product too and will most likely change and get rid of your competitor." -- Cindy Mills, Greenville, DE

"I do like the taste. I tried it on my tomatoes and veggies. It was so nice to be able to add a little flavor to the bland food I have been eating for over 5 years. I have a disease called Meniere's and have to stay on a low sodium diet the rest of my life and can only have 800 mgs a day. So you can see how thrilled I was when I found this product." -- Bon, Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks for making such a wonderful product!" -- Tom L.G., Tulsa, OK

"I think MySalt is the best that I could find next to real salt. I use it in my homemade bread and other baked goods so I can cut down on my salt intake and it works very well. Thank you very much." -- Orval E. Dunkle, Boise, ID

"We love it, just love it. You have made a difference in my husband's life." -- Judy Doherty, Paducah, KY

"Reducing salt intake is difficult. However your product has helped to reduce some of the problems with low salt diets (you can't use lemon on everything!!). I am a nurse practitioner recently retired. I wish I had known about this product when I was seeing patients full time. I will recommend it when I can and will continue to use it. Thank you." -- Rose Ann Smith, Amarillo, TX

"I recently received my order of MySalt and I just wanted to write to say thank you. I was told to go onto a low salt diet but I found that the food was bland. This is no longer a problem. I love your product. Thank you, thank you, thank you." -- Michele Nees, Brookline, MA

"I bought it for a friend. He did try it and said it truly was the closest thing to salt. I do believe you have a great product here." -- Leesa Stephens, Kansas City, MO

"Love your product. Husband approves and that is a real feat." -- Jane Tyler, Conway, SC 

"I am pleased. No other salt substitute that I've tasted even came close to the taste of salt. My Salt is one of a kind." -- Jamie Swaim, Stafford, VA

"This my second order for this salt substitute. I have found it to be a very good salt substitute." -- Eldo Corgnati, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"Hi, just tried your product and found it comforting. I do like the taste on foods as it does not leave an aftertaste." -- Esther Dumas, Yellowknife, NT, Canada

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