Selecting and Storing Corn Tip

SELECTING CORN TIP: Corn is Very Low in Sodium. 
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You can tell fresh corn by the appearance of the stem end. It should be moist and pale green. The tassel (the stringy part at the tip) gets brown and mushy looking when the corn has been off the stalk for a while. The tip should be firm, not mushy. Straight rows of plump kernels mark the best in fresh corn. Husks should be green and fresh looking. The kernels should be milky not dry – dryness means that the ears aren’t at their flavor peak. Avoid mushy brown kernels at the tip of the ears. Leave the husk on the corn until you’re ready to use it.

STORING CORN Chill unhusked corn in the refrigerator. If all or part of the husk has been removed, store the ears in a plastic bag.

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