MySALT Pantry Staples Set

MySALT Pantry Staples Set

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Upgrade Your Pantry with Our Essential 
Sodium Free MySALT Pantry Staples Set

All 6 Varieties Are Essential to a
Well-Stocked Heart-Healthy Kitchen

Lowering your sodium intake has never been easier. Use MySALT as you would salt. Create meals that burst with flavor without relying on heavy salt.  Say goodbye to salt and hello to MySALT Salt Substitute. 

The Original: Details and Nutrition Facts
Butter: Details and Nutrition Facts
Garlic: Details and Nutrition Facts
Seasoned: Details and Nutrition Facts
Onion: Details and Nutrition Facts
Herb Garden: Details and Nutrition Facts

Healthier Choices, Happier Hearts 

We understand the importance of a heart healthy diet. That's why our MySALT Pantry Staples ensure you can savor every bite without worrying about sodium related health concerns. They are the perfect addition to any kitchen, bringing out the best in your favorite recipes without compromising your health. 

Simple Substitution
Swap out salt for any of our sodium free Pantry Staples in your recipes.

Persons on a potassium restricted diet should consult their physician before using any salt substitute. MySALT does not contain phosphorus. MySALT does not contain iodine.